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  • Valerie Koonce

Holy Toledo Indeed!

For Dan in New Hampshire

I just wrapped this special request box for Dan in New Hampshire. That seems very very far away from here. Strangers backed me and are getting flavorful mustard in California, Annapolis, Indiana and beyond. How cool is that!?! It thrills me that Dan in NH loved the idea of horseradish in mustard and he specifically wanted these three flavors in his trio. Shout out to all the people in my life who easily get frustrated with my inattention to detail. I admit I have a challenge for the eye in the details, but I managed to get them all out to those who supported this Kickstarter. (fingers crossed - please let me know if what you wanted and what was delivered don't align)

I had some challenges with my own abilities to power through my radical job, my mom duties and my wife life, which included buying a house and moving again, as well as make, package, and ship many many jars of gorgeous mustard.

It is not perfect. But, it is the most genuine and satisfying thing I've done in awhile and it sure beats working out or sleeping. 4 pounds of Colman's Dry Mustard came in the mail today and I am SO excited to try new flavors and make more!!

My next challenge is to figure out how to ship packaged food to Italy. Wish me luck!

What's awesome?!?! This website is live and is taking orders. So, if you want in on some it's just a click away.


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