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Summer Concert Season

Summer Concert Season

It's Summer Concert Season and it's time to break out the nosh! I've seen more concerts this summer than I have in years and it's been a blast. Keith Urban, The Modern English, Belinda Carlisle, and The Phets. I am not in Seattle watching by friend Eddie sing with Pearl Jam this weekend, but it's on my bucket list. Mustard pairs well with a traditional spread of meats and cheese and pretzels! Even better if you're brave to add it to pate.

(I tasted the worlds best pretzel the other day more on that later.)

Live music is an essential part of enjoying summertime and it doesn't matter if it's Country or Punk Rock everybody needs to sing under the moonlight before Labor Day.

Summer is also the time for road trips and I've made my share. It's hard to snack responsibly when there are Cheetos in the world, but fruit, nuts, cheese and a little mustard dip made my late night snack on the road delicious.

So grab some friends and take that road trip to see the concert. Make a charcuterie plate and share with your neighbors. Summer Lovin!


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