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Pear, Apple, Cranberry Pie

I love love love Thanksgiving. It's a day centered around food and family. I also truly think it is the easiest of all meals to prepare. Until the last 10 minutes, it's all chop, stir and throw in oven.

I'm excited to celebrate this year with my mom, our friends, and my in-laws in our new home. I will begin looking for the Turkey Shaped Gravy Boat that I see all year but can't ever seem to find on actual Turkey day. I will pull out the China I purchased for a steal from my dear friend, Dianne. I will not iron the table cloths and regret it. I will get super stressed out about what side the fork goes on when setting the table. (It's the left side - everyone - let's just clear this up.) I will fuss over, well, everything and probably yell a time or two. I will scold you for not passing the food to the entire table before eating. I will fall asleep before 8pm. I will eat too much for pie. But, I still love it.

When I was younger I insisted on making the pie crusts from scratch and I would make 7 pies. 2 Apple, 2 Pumpkin, Chocolate Pecan, Blueberry, and Cherry. Sometimes I would get creative and my favorite pie is a apple, pear and cranberry pie I made at Nicole's when she was pregnant. (pictured) I am less eager these days, and we'll be having three pies Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan. And, I am going to take another stab at making my own crusts today. I'm told I have my Great Grandmother's Hands that remain cold enough to make the crusts.

I will miss seeing my sisters and my extended family again this year. I miss my Grandma's Sweet Potatoes that we call Yammy Sams or Grammy Yams. I just can't get mine to taste like hers.

I also love the leftovers which inspired this cranberry infused mustard for all those leftover turkey sandwiches. Who doesn't like to sneak into the fridge for some turkey in the middle of the night?

Alta- Red Wine, Cranberry and Shallot Mustard

This mustard would also pair nicely rubbed on some Cornish Game Hens before roasting. That is a perfect Thanksgiving for a small dinner party. And, I intend to serve it on Christmas too alongside the roast beef with the traditional horseradish as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with laughter and calories. May your ovens stay hot and your dishwashers stay operational. We have so many gifts and I am so grateful.



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