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  • Valerie Koonce

The Idaho Collection

Special Edition for Holiday Bazaar

Some mustardy delights enjoyed with The Curvy Spoon mustard recently:

  • Roast Beef, Cheddar sandwiches made with Sun Valley Dijon on Honey Whole Wheat

  • Braised Chicken Thighs over steamed rice with broccoli

  • Cheese Burgers on Challah Buns with crinkle fries and Fry Sauce made with Dijon, Ketchup and Mayonnaise

  • Summer Sausage served with Lucky Peak Sweet Hot Mustard

  • Grilled Salmon with the Monterrey Mustard

  • Apples, Cheese and Pretzel sticks with mustard for dipping

  • Cold Pastrami Sandwich with The Sugarhouse Dijon mustard

  • Chicken Salad with The Provence Dijon mustard with tarrago

  • Baked Buffalo Chicken Tenders coated in Holy Toledo and Corn Flakes

I'm so excited about our newest line of mustard flavors that use Idaho craft beer to create fun and intense mustard flavors. These will be available at the The Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, November 4th from 11am-4pm at Sockeye Brewery on Fairview in Boise. These are in a larger 5 oz jars and are in holiday gift packaging and going for $8.

I'm looking forward to making the McCall mustard that will include Sockeye's seasonal beer Winterfest and fresh rosemary to create a whole grain mustard with holiday flavors. Perfect for pairing with Prime Rib. The season beer is not out yet - so I'm waiting patiently.

Newer flavor ideas include a Sage and Rosemary Dijon, a Jalapeno Whole Grain, Creole Mustard (perfect for Mufaletta), a Spicy Chipotle, and a Sweet Onion and White Wine Dijon. I love hearing about your favorite flavors and continue receiving feedback, so keep it coming!


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