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  • Valerie Koonce

The kindness of strangers

It would be impossible to go through this experience and not reflect on how generosity is an inherently beautiful thing. It is so easy to close our doors to our neighbors,

anonymously post judgments, and criticize personal choices. It is also easy to offer a helping hand, share the table, encourage each other and come from a place of kindness.

Over the two months I have personally challenged myself at all levels to reach out beyond my comfort zone and i have received support, encouragement, and treasures from people I love and even from strangers.

I was stuck for too many hours of my life in a continual spiral of self doubt and fear. I recognize this is a personal journey and that everyone comes to this realization eventually, I'm just happy that i finally realized that no one was going to tell me how to do it, I just had to find the why.

Giving my creativity and passion an outlet has made me an inspired partner, a more focused employee, a more thoughtful human and while I still haven't slept much, I am managing to hold myself accountable to a higher standard.

It's been such a beautiful experience to have strangers be kind and encouraging and i am excited to share this project with many more people. Thank you all for your support.


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